Dr. Dre Exposed!!! Never Attended Medical School! A TMZ Analysis

Our eyes have been locked on this post July 5th drama!!

According to a new investigative secret-ops TMZ team, Dr. Dre may as well be referred to as Mr. Dre.

Ouch!! Did the hospital lunch lady burn the food? Because that was a SICK BURN!

Here’s a photograph of me doing my very important job and giving SICK BURNS to Mr. Dre that he can not even treat

Our very smart and tactical Covert ops team has uncovered a website called “wikipedia” where they have unearthed top secret information. It says nothing about medical school! Don’t believe us? Here is a link to prove our outrageous claims!  “wikipedia”

As it turns out, we have been living a lie this whole time! MISTER Dre never even attended a medical university, leading us at TMZ to believe he may be under several malpractice lawsuits in the near future. And to think I have been taking his songs as medical advice!

Here is a picture of Mister Dre looking very ashamed of the fact he has no medical background!

The only sick things Dr. Dre can deal with are sick beats and SICK BURNS issued by us at TMZ personally.